New Dining Room Rug

I was a big fan of our previous dining room rug, but unfortunately the cats were as well and chose to mark their territory accordingly. Despite numerous attempts to purge the smell, it never really worked, and so I opted to remove it. Once I did that, the smell immediately went away, so thankfully nothing … Continue reading New Dining Room Rug

Pool Updates

It’s hard to believe that the pool is almost a year old… Aside from spending time enjoying swimming in the pool, I’ve taken the time to make some minor updates. First on the docket was adding some additional furniture, including an outdoor living room area: After that, I added a small cosmetic fence around the … Continue reading Pool Updates

Lake House Beach

After clearing the damage and breaking up all of the rocks, I was left with a pretty usable beach area at the lake house. However, the last approach from the end of the concrete stairs to the water involved a fairly steep, sandy hill. One option was to build additional stairs, but that would have … Continue reading Lake House Beach

Pool Grass

When the pool was installed last year, it was too late in the year to do much with the lawn around the pool. I just threw some quick germinating grass seed directly overtop of the fill to at least get some erosion prevention in place, and called it a day. This spring, I got to … Continue reading Pool Grass