Spring Landscaping

As the weather has continued to warm, I have started making small landscaping and other exterior improvements, as well as power washing the garage and the front porch. First, I replaced the arbor vidae on the Range Trail side of the wall, since the previous ones had died over the winter: After that, I planted … Continue reading Spring Landscaping

Wall and Gate

The last previous project post that I’m planning on writing for awhile covers one of the first, and still most ambitious, projects that I took on at my current house (the basement remodel at my first house could be a series for another day). This project involved the construction of a 100 yard long wall … Continue reading Wall and Gate

Spring Cleaning

Before really launching into my spring and summer projects, I spent some time reorganizing my garage cabinets. I’ve accumulated a lot of tools, building materials, and other things over years of projects. The end result is much more organized┬áthan before: Continue reading Spring Cleaning