Excavation Progress

I’ve started digging the trenches required for my project to run water to the guest house. The first step has been to hand excavate sensitive areas that I can’t use a powered trencher to dig, primarily around the propane lines that carry LP from the tank to the main house and the guest house, and … Continue reading Excavation Progress

More Spring Planting

This weekend, aside from enjoying an Arsenal FA Cup semifinal win over Man City, I finished my spring planting by planting roughly a dozen bushes and shrubs in both the front and back yards around my house. I planted primarily arbor vida and junipers, since the evergreen bushes continue to look good in the winter. … Continue reading More Spring Planting

Toilet Repair

I took a break from landscaping work a couple of days ago to do some electrical work in one of my house’s bathrooms, which is theoretically a guest bathroom but is primarily used by the cats. When I was doing that, I noticed that the toilet’s water intake regulator was leaking, causing the toilet to … Continue reading Toilet Repair