More Railing Progress

This past weekend at the lake house, I made more progress on the railing. I’ve been maintaining a pace of about 24 feet per weekend, which has me on pace to wrap up the railing on the stairs by the end of August. I’m also about to hit segments of old railing, which will need … Continue reading More Railing Progress

Lake House Painting

When we bought the lake house, one of the appealing things about it was how much character it had. It had a really interesting shape, cool brick, and gorgeous wood on the interior. There weren’t many things that immediately needed to be changed, but one thing that did was the stark white paint on the … Continue reading Lake House Painting

Zero Turn Mower

After my old mower started having problems, I took the opportunity to buy a zero turn mower to replace it. Originally, I set out to buy a Cub Cadet from the Home Depot, but after a snafu where they ended up not having any in stock, they sold me a John Deere Z345M for the … Continue reading Zero Turn Mower