Stained Railing

After building the railing, the final step in the project was to stain everything. I used a semi-transparent redwood stain from BEHR, which worked well with my paint sprayer. I went through a little over 8 gallons of stain (there is a lot of wasted stain when you’re using a sprayer on railing, but it … Continue reading Stained Railing

Riding Mower Winch

While I’ve enjoyed the John Deere zero turn mower that I purchased earlier in the summer, especially after all of its initial problems, I’ve occasionally had issues with it getting stuck. It has trouble generating traction on hills because of its weight distribution, and it also has a habit of getting one tire stuck in … Continue reading Riding Mower Winch

Even More Excavation

The excavation for the Hardin Access Pipeline has largely been completed, and now the plumbers are working on the interior water lines and drains in the guest house itself. The excavators have done a good job of re-grading the land that was dug up to lay the pipes, and this weekend I’ll replant grass to … Continue reading Even More Excavation


The excavation of the Hardin Access Pipeline is underway! Cooper Plumbing has begun digging, first excavating dirt around the well and the septic system using a backhoe and a Bobcat. They have cut a pretty large six-foot deep canyon through the hill, but were able to minimize damage to the trees en route to the … Continue reading Excavation