New Range Rover

One of my birthday presents to myself this past January was upgrading the old Range Rover Sport into a new Range Rover Supercharged. It’s an unbelievably well engineered vehicle with a gorgeous interior and a fabulously powerful engine. The current fleet consists of a Bentley Flying Spur W12, Porsche Cayman S, Mercedes SL, Range Rover … Continue reading New Range Rover

New Zero Turn Mower

After several years with an entry level John Deere zero turn mower that proved to not be up to the task of dealing with the uneven terrain of my land, I went to the Middleton Power Center and upgraded to a new Ariens mower. It has a much more durable frame, along with a bigger … Continue reading New Zero Turn Mower

Deep Snow

Although it’s thankfully been a mild winter, we had some pretty impressive amounts of snow in February. Thankfully, the Range Rover and the Super Duty were able to plow their way through the snow and the rest of the cars stayed safely in the garage. Now that the calendar has turned to March, the weather … Continue reading Deep Snow

Truck Weather

As winter descends on Wisconsin, it was fun to take the new truck out in the first snow of the season! We’ll all be sick of the snow soon enough, but at least for a day it was nice. As anticipated, the truck handled everything really well and actually performed better than the old truck … Continue reading Truck Weather

New Truck

Last weekend I finally upgraded my old Super Duty (a 2012 F250 Lariat) to a new F20 Lariat, this time with the 6.7 liter PowerStroke diesel engine instead of the gas engine that I’d previously had. It’s pretty astonishing how much Ford has improved the interior quality on the new trucks, with Mercedes caliber wood … Continue reading New Truck

New Bentley

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded from my old Flying Spur to the new Flying Spur. It’s an incredible car, and has so many small improvements over the old car in terms of interior polish, driving dynamics, and technology. The garage is looking mighty nice these days! Continue reading New Bentley

Woodshed Roof Replacement

When I was doing various spring cleanup tasks around the land, I noticed that the roof of the woodshed I built on the back corner of the land had collapsed over the winter. It’s not a complex structure, just essentially a cube made from treated lumber that holds logs in place. The roof is important … Continue reading Woodshed Roof Replacement

Range Rover High Snow

It was a pretty mild winter in Wisconsin through Christmas, but January and February brought a ton of snow. I don’t usually post about weather on this blog unless it’s flooding impacting the lake house or things of that nature, but I took a photo the other day of snow piled almost as high as … Continue reading Range Rover High Snow