Appliance Install

After ordering new appliances for the kitchen at the beginning of the year, they finally arrived in late spring and were ready to be installed. The new Cove dishwasher and Wolf induction range came first: That install went without a hitch. I love both of them, and the induction top is truly life changing. The … Continue reading Appliance Install

New Grill

After a good ten year run, it was time to say goodbye to my grill. It was a housewarming present for my first house, and was an awesome grill but it was starting to rust out and fall apart. I replaced it with a very similar propane Weber grill, and have been very happy with … Continue reading New Grill

Kitchen Backsplash

The last step in the kitchen remodel was the tile backsplash. I replaced the old pseudo Tuscan style tile with a textured white subway tile that looks incredible. The first step was to remove the old backsplash (which turned out to be two layers of tiles overlapping each other), and to cut and set the … Continue reading Kitchen Backsplash

New Range

This past week, I finally got around to replacing the last appliance in the kitchen at the Verona house. I had long stuck with the original range, since it wasn’t particularly ugly and wasn’t white like all of the other appliances that had been replaced. However, I wanted to go with something more modern that … Continue reading New Range