Flooring Repair

After the new flooring was installed in the main level of the Verona house, I learned some lessons about how far you should allow uninterrupted runs of click flooring to go without transitions, as well as the importance of meticulous subfloor prep before the flooring goes in. A couple of small mistakes led to some … Continue reading Flooring Repair

New Bentley

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded from my old Flying Spur to the new Flying Spur. It’s an incredible car, and has so many small improvements over the old car in terms of interior polish, driving dynamics, and technology. The garage is looking mighty nice these days! Continue reading New Bentley

New Grill

After a good ten year run, it was time to say goodbye to my grill. It was a housewarming present for my first house, and was an awesome grill but it was starting to rust out and fall apart. I replaced it with a very similar propane Weber grill, and have been very happy with … Continue reading New Grill

Landscaping Complete

I finished all of the landscaping tasks I had planned for spring, which was a pretty exhaustive list, along with a number of other minor outdoor projects. Here was the full list of tasks I had planned: Climbing plants along wall Improve planters outside sitting room and library Replace cut down trees Plant something in … Continue reading Landscaping Complete