Office Move

This past week, my company finally relocated. It was a long process to pack up the old offices and a long day on Tuesday coordinating movers to move all of the furniture and setup the new offices, but things are coming along nicely.

First, we packed the old offices:

After that, we started loading the trucks and emptying out the old office.

After that, we started moving the furniture into the new offices.

Finally, we got all of the workstations and offices setup, and the office started to come to life.










The last thing we did was setup the conference room and executive offices. I’m happy with how mine turned out!



We are still waiting for new chairs to arrive, and still need to get the reception desk, bar, and other things setup, but we are well on our way to being fully moved in and the new space is awesome.

New Offices

Aside from my two houses, the other construction project I’ve been involved with has been a new corporate headquarters for my company. For the last 9 years we’ve been headquartered at the Verex Plaza building in Madison. We’re getting ready to move to the new Spark Building, and are building out new offices. Here are some in progress photos, about a month away from move in:

The floor plans of the new offices give a little bit better sense of how everything will be laid out:

As the offices are completed, I’ll post more photos. It will be a beautiful space, with a lot of natural light and a modern interior.