Guest Bedroom Complete

Over the last week, the remaining furniture and decor items arrived for the guest bedroom. I hired movers to move some of the old furniture to the storage unit, and the new furniture was delivered by White Glove Delivery. After some work to hang the extremely heavy mirrors, everything was ready to go. The newly … Continue reading Guest Bedroom Complete

Office Reorganization

I recently reorganized my home office, which is really more of a sports memorabilia shrine than a true office. The first thing I did was to remove a large number of the books and move them to the library. The remaining books were moved to the shelves with glass doors. I also removed the bar … Continue reading Office Reorganization

Pottery Barn Chairs

Two of the last pieces of furniture to finalize for the current remodeling phase (lower level living room, upstairs guest bedroom and upstairs hallway) were the chairs in the lower level living room. I wanted a classic leather chair, and wasn’t completely happy with the choices that I’d found before. I finally found a chair … Continue reading Pottery Barn Chairs