T-Shirt Frames

Over the years, I’ve accumulated more than a few t-shirts that have sentimental value. Many of them are worn out, or are shirts that I wouldn’t necessarily wear. I wanted to get them out of my closet and find a way to keep them as mementos, so I bought several crates worth of t-shirt frames that show off the shirts and are easy to store.

The frames turned out really nicely, and fit well in my office underneath all of my Arsenal kits!

Mary’s Office

One of the last untouched rooms in the house was my wife’s office, which had been more or less in the same state since buying the house in 2013. It looked pretty sad compared to the other remodeled rooms on the top floor of the house and needed a redesign with some more color and light. Additionally, the guest bathroom connected to it needed a similar treatment to the master bathroom.

The first step was to repaint everything:

Once that was done, all of the existing furniture was removed and I brought in a new rug. Here was the initial design board that I worked on with my interior designer:

Things started to take shape with the rug and some of the new furniture in place, especially the large white bookcase.

From there, we replaced the desk and chair (with temporary stand-ins until the real furniture is completed towards the end of the year), brought back the books and added more decor and wall art.

Finally, I brought in a new recliner and lamp for the corner, and the aside from a new window treatment currently being custom made and the real desk, the project was done!

The before and after is a pretty shocking improvement in my opinion:

New Garage and Shed Shelving

The shelves in the garage that I had used to store paint, as well as the shelves in the guest house garage that I had used to store gardening tools, were all in general disrepair and sagging from the weight of everything stored on them. I invested in some much stronger steel shelves, as well as new garden tool cabinets in the guest house garage and garden tool racks in the shed.









Basement Storage Reorganization

Over the past few days, I purged, cleaned, and reorganized the storage room in my basement. It wasn’t in overly bad shape before, but there was a lot of stuff in there that hadn’t been touched in years that needed to go.

After getting rid of four full truckloads of stuff and thoroughly vacuuming the room, it was a night and day difference!