Lake House HVAC

Usually I try to keep posts on this blog fairly short, but this will be a longer one that covers an intense week of construction. When I first bought the lake house, one of the things I wanted to improve quickly was its ability to serve as a year-round house in Wisconsin. While it technically … Continue reading Lake House HVAC

New Lake House Door

One smaller project that I am planning on for this spring at the lake house is replacing the front door, which is currently a fairly boring white slab behind the wrought iron storm door. The door I picked out is a pseudo mid century modern style door, that fits the vibe of the lake house … Continue reading New Lake House Door

Guest House Living Room

Now that all of the messy parts of the guest house bathroom project are done, I got the guest house living room cleared of construction debris and cleaned up. I also took the time to reorganize the walls a little bit, to make room for my ever growing collection of golf tournament flags and other … Continue reading Guest House Living Room