SmartThings Smoke Alarm

One of the many home automation technologies that I use in my houses is Samsung SmartThings. It supports a wide array of sensors, integrated well with Alexa and Arlo, and provides a slick phone UI with the ability to manage multiple homes. For a long time, I’ve used the SmartThings Leak Sensor to monitor for … Continue reading SmartThings Smoke Alarm

Guest House Shower

One final task before starting to drywall the new bathroom and utility room was to install and plumb the shower. The shower kit I purchased had half inch threaded fixture attachments, to which I attached half inch shark bite connectors. The rest of the plumbing was fairly simple. On the other side, I drilled holes … Continue reading Guest House Shower

Pouring Concrete

After the utility room plumbing was done, my next step on the guest house bathroom project was to pour concrete to replace the concrete that had been removed when the drain pipes were put in. I used 1,280 pounds of Quikrete Crack Resistant concrete, which is purpose built for pouring slabs like garage floors. Since … Continue reading Pouring Concrete