Archives July 2019

Hardwood Floor Delivery

This morning, the Home Depot delivery crews showed up to my house with four pallets of hardwood flooring, which will be installed later in August. It’s been a challenge to find an installer since most of the Crew2 installers in Madison are individuals, and this is the sort of job that will take a crew of several people an entire week. They appear to have found someone from the Milwaukee area, who has availability in August.

I’ll have to carry all the wood into the house 3-5 days before the installation so it can expand or contract and acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the house, which will be quite a workout. Until then it will sit and take up the Mercedes’ garage spot, so the Mercedes has moved into the guest house garage and exiled the Super Duty to the driveway.

Quartz Countertops

Once the flooring is in, one of the next things that I plan on doing as part of the Verona house remodel is to replace the current kitchen counters with quartz. Here is the type of quartz that I am planning on buying:

There will be some challenges to work around with the existing cabinetry, but everything should be doable.

After I actually pick out and purchase the quartz, I’ll post more about the specific remodeling plan.

Rebuilding Lake House Stairway Landings

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been replacing rotting planks and rebuilding landings on the stairway down to the lake at the lake house. Before that, I had to clear away a ton of dirt and sand than had slid off the cliff face over the past two years. This was a lot of work, but opens up space and makes the final set of steps down to the lake much cleaner.

After clearing out the dirt and sand, I rebuilt the first of the landings.

I also replace stretches of railing on the way down the stairs.

A couple of days later, I replaced the 4×4 logs that were used to improve footing and give definition to the trail before the actual stairs start.

The following weekend, I got to work on the next landing that needed to be rebuilt.

Boat Lift Setup

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was finally able to get the boat in the water! The prior week, the owner of the Bayview Boat Club was able to get a barge crew to install the lift in the water, after Deano Docks was unable or unwilling to.

It took a little bit of bribery, but in the end it was definitely worth it to not have to continue waiting on Deano.

The weekend of the Fourth, I trailered the boat and launched it, and after cruising the lake for a couple of hours I docked it on the lift, and used the deck of the boat to get the lift cover put on.

The slip is easy to get in and out of, and it’s been awesome to get the boat on the water multiple times every weekend since the lift went in. Here’s to an awesome rest of the summer of boating!