Archives October 2019

Next Design Projects

As I wrap up the final tasks on the interior redesign of the main level of my Verona house, the next projects I’m planning on tackling are a redesign of the guest bedroom and the basement living room. I’m already getting the flooring replaced in the basement living room, so after that it will largely be painting, furniture, and decor for the two rooms. Here are some before photos of the basement living room (actually taken when I first moved into the house):




And here are some before photos of the guest bedroom:





More details and progress photos will come once this project kicks off next month!

Boat: Gone for the Winter

This past week was a sad one, as I had to take the boat out of the slip, trailer it, and pack it up for winter storage at Skipper Bud’s. The Bayview Boat Club is going to take care of removing and storing the lift, and Deano Dock’s is going to take care of removing and storing the dock. That meant all I had to do was take the awning cover off of the lift, put it in the boat, and haul everything back to Madison.


After that, it sat in front of my house for a week until my appointment to drop it off at Skipper Bud’s, where it will sit until spring and the return of warm weather.



Sitting Room Complete

Last week, we painted the chimney brick and fireplace built in shelving in the sitting room. The brick was painted light taupe to match the main walls, and the shelves were painted to match the accent wall.






This past weekend, the painting was finished and I got all of the decor put back. The result was incredible and totally transformed the room, adding a ton of light!





After that was done, all that’s left for the sitting room is to take delivery of the wingback chairs that will go across from the couch. Those are scheduled to be delivered in the next couple of weeks along with the rest of the furniture for the living room and sun room.¬†While I wait for those, there are a number of remaining tasks for this design project:

  • Order Kitchen Decor
  • Select Kitchen Serving Tray
  • Order Dining Room Light Fixture
  • Select Kitchen Table Light Fixture
  • Order Kitchen Table Light Fixture
  • Select Dining Room Chairs
  • Order Dining Room Chairs
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Kitchen Hood
  • Schedule Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Replace and/or Hang Kitchen TV
  • Select Kitchen Table
  • Order Kitchen Table
  • Order Kitchen Bar Stools
  • Order Dining Room Decor

The last task I finished this weekend was to install the new entryway light, which really completes the look of the entryway and is much more distinctive and striking than the previous light fixture.


Basement Flooring Delivery and Sitting Room Painting

Throughout the week I finished assembling all of the decor for the shelves on either side of the fireplace in the sitting room. The end result ended up looking pretty good with a great blend of greenery, books, and other items.

As soon as the decor went up, it had to come right down. All of the shelves and doors were removed so that they can be painted.

The brick will be painted the same light taupe color as the main walls in the room, and the shelves will be painted to match the accent wall. I think the end result will really complete the look of the room.

Finally, the flooring for the basement was delivered (after some trials and tribulations with the Home Depot), and is waiting for installation to be scheduled in a couple of weeks.

More Rugs and More Decor

Over the past two weeks, more rugs have arrived, along with more decor items. The rugs came from Nonn’s here in Madison, and most of the decor is from Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and a little bit from Wayfair.

The rugs have done an amazing job adding color and pizazz to the sun room and the dining room:






Beyond the rugs, most of the decor items have gone to the sitting room. The shelves and brick are still going to be painting, but I’ve been setting out the decor anyway to get a sense for how it will look. I’ve also brought up some books from the library to place on the shelves, which pair very nicely with the decor.






I also added some wall art in the sitting room, which will complement the window dressings well and will prevent the walls from just being nothing but photos and paintings.




Lastly, I replaced the small corner table and key bowl in the entryway with a large plant, which presents a better look when entering the house or sitting in the dining room.



In the kitchen, I cleared out some old clutter and moved some decor that had previously been elsewhere in the house, which opened up space and improved the look of the kitchen desk and the counters to the left of the sink.