Archives November 10, 2017

Guest House Bathroom Electrical Work

It’s been a busy month of travel, Badger games, and watching Arsenal, so I haven’t had as much time on weekends as I’d normally have to make progress on this project, but it is still moving forward. I have completed the electrical work that needed to be done in the original outer wall of the garage, and am repairing the drywall before starting framing on the interior walls. I used a reciprocating saw and a multi-tool to cut tracks through the drywall for the wires, and drilled holes through the studs for the wires that needed to go horizontally.




I installed two overhead lights and a bathroom fan in the ceiling, and connected the bathroom fan ducts to the existing ductwork in the guest house.



As stated above, I’m now in the process of finishing the drywall repair, which also included some drywall work around the door cutout prior to installing the door trim.