New Porsche

This week I said goodbye to the Jaguar and the old Porsche this week, and picked up an upgraded Porsche, a Cayman. I wasn’t driving the Jaguar enough to justify hanging onto it through winter, and had been looking to upgrade to the Porsche for awhile. I’m looking forward to getting a little bit of … Continue reading New Porsche

Winter Storage

The boat has officially gone to winter storage, and I’m writing this post from the hot tub which means it’s officially starting to get cold. On the bright side, it’s only seven months until boating season starts again, and in the meantime I’ve got Badger football, basketball, Brewers playoff baseball, Bucks basketball, and Arsenal, plus … Continue reading Winter Storage

Closet Remodel Done

After finishing the wardrobe assembly, there were a few things left to do. I hung the TV on the wall and used a cable tube to hide the wires. I also bought a new chair, ottoman, and floor lamp for the sitting area. Finally, I installed LED puck lighting on the ceiling of each wardrobe … Continue reading Closet Remodel Done