Crown Molding Complete

Crown Molding Complete

After I got back home from LA, Schieffe Custom Carpentry almost immediately got started with the crown molding install at the main house in Verona. It was a two day project, involving three living rooms and the main foyer for the house.

On the first day, they did the formal living room and part of the other two living rooms.

The next day, they finished all the living rooms and wrapped up the foyer as well.

I couldn’t be happier with the end product, they did a phenomenal job! I’m looking forward to the next round in a few months, which will likely involve tackling the top floor of the house.

Jon Hardin


By day, Jon is the CEO of a software company. Outside of work, Jon is an avid home improvement enthusiast who enjoys a wide variety of renovation, landscaping, and other projects.

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