Upstairs Crown Molding

Upstairs Crown Molding

After the success of the first crown molding project at the beginning of the year, I was excited to do more. The next target was the upstairs hallway, the guest bedroom, my wife’s office, the bathroom between those two rooms, and the master bedroom. The work is still in progress, but the results so far look phenomenal!

First, wood triangles were installed to support the crown:

Then, the base trim was installed:

Finally, the crown itself could start going up:

It should be done by the end of the week. The next target after this will be the lower level of the house, with the theater, library, bar, and lower level living room.

Jon Hardin


By day, Jon is the CEO of a software company. Outside of work, Jon is an avid home improvement enthusiast who enjoys a wide variety of renovation, landscaping, and other projects.

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