Lake House Painting

Lake House Painting

Over the past two weeks, I painted the lake house and shed, and stained both decks. It’s a massive improvement from what it looked like before! After having the house and decks power washed, I started with staining the front ramp and porch. I moved on to the back deck, and worked until I ran out of stain.

After that, I moved onto painting the red trim around the back of the house, which paired nicely with the stain color on the deck.

The next day, I picked up more stain and finished staining the deck, along with the retaining wall timbers under the deck. It took a lot of ladder work; since the house is built into a hill, the deck and the back of the house are surprisingly far off the ground.

The next day, I worked on painting the beams that run along the edge of the roof. I used the same red color that I used for the trim, which added a lot of definition to the roofline.

The next day, which turned out to be a very cold, windy, spring day, I painted the line of trim under the soffets between the roof and the brick walls. It’s a small amount of trim, but was a lot of labor due to all the taping that was required.

Last weekend, I wanted to fully finish the job. I had to paint all the window and door trim, replace some boards on the front ramp, do a lot of touch ups, and paint the shed.

With the job largely done, it was time for a celebratory prime rib!

On Sunday, I did some clean up work along with staining the mailbox post and painting the outhouse.

The end result is an amazing improvement over the original house! I’m a huge fan of how the khaki trim complements the red trim and stain, without looking as harsh or dirty as the old pure white trim.

Jon Hardin


By day, Jon is the CEO of a software company. Outside of work, Jon is an avid home improvement enthusiast who enjoys a wide variety of renovation, landscaping, and other projects.



Looks great! What stain brand/color did you use for the trim? I’m having a hard time matching a very old stain for our lake house and the one you used looks perfect. Cheers to DIY-ers!

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