Pottery Barn Chairs

Pottery Barn Chairs

Two of the last pieces of furniture to finalize for the current remodeling phase (lower level living room, upstairs guest bedroom and upstairs hallway) were the chairs in the lower level living room. I wanted a classic leather chair, and wasn’t completely happy with the choices that I’d found before. I finally found a chair that I really liked, the Irving Leather Swivel Chair from Pottery Barn.

It is incredibly comfortable for sitting by the fire in the lower level, it swivels to allow whoever is sitting in it to face the fire or face other people in the living room and bar if we’re hosting a party in the bar area, and it has a classic look with nail studs that tie it to the wingback chairs in the sitting room on the main level of the house. I think it will complement the look of the flooring, rug, and couch in the lower level living room and be an awesome addition to the house!

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