Lower Level Living Room Complete

Lower Level Living Room Complete

Similar to the guest bedroom, the lower level living room is now complete as well. I had movers take the old sectional the storage unit, and the new sectional, chairs, and other furniture arrived. Some construction work was required, since when I setup the sectional I realized that there was a gap between it and the wall due to the pre-existing ledge, and the sectional easily slid backwards when people sat on it.




I used oak boards, anchored into the studs using steel ties, and built a shelf behind the sectional that also doubled as a structurally sound brace that prevented the couch from sliding backwards.


I then realized that I didn’t really like it stained, it was hard to match the color of the other trim and it contrasted too sharply with the couch. I ended up painting it the same color as the mantle and the accent wall in that room, which ended up pairing really nicely with the couch.



After the shelf was done, the chairs arrived from Pottery Barn and completed the room. It looks incredible, and has its own personality as compared to the three other living rooms on the main level of the house.





The last things that need to be done in the lower level for now are new window treatments, which are in progress, and a new set of artwork for the wall behind the sectional. That’s been ordered, and should arrive in a week or two. It will look like this, and will complete the look:


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