Powder Room Lighting

Powder Room Lighting

When I originally remodeled the smaller walk-in closet in the master suite in the house to be a powder room for my wife, I redid all of the furniture but didn’t touch the lighting. It still had old fluorescent closet lighting along with a cheap floor lamp, and it had been a low priority to-do on my list for a long time to replace that lighting with something nicer.




When I removed the old lighting, I realized the old fluorescent light had just been screwed into the studs, and there was no junction box for a traditional light fixture. In order to install one, I first had to cut a hole in the drywall to accommodate it. I used a drill bit that had adjustable blades and a plastic bowl to catch the drywall dust:



Once the hole was cut, I was able to install the junction box and anchor it to the stud in the ceiling.



After that, installing a warm LED light fixture was easy. It’s bright enough to fill the room with light, which is helpful when my wife is doing her makeup, but it’s not harsh like an old school fluorescent light.




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