Archives November 2020

Upcoming Library Remodel

While the master bathroom remodel project is still ongoing, one of my next large projects is going to be a remodel of the library. I’m going to replace the existing bookcases with built-ins, replace the flooring, and improve the overall decor. Here’s what it currently looks like:

As a base for the built-in bookcases, I’m starting with an off the shelf product from Wayfair that is tall enough to almost reach the ceiling, and has the stylistic look that I’m going for.

Initially, I’ve ordered two bookcases so that I can confirm fit and finish, and also to plan some of the modding work that I’ll need to do to make them wrap all the way around the library. It should be a fun project for the winter!

Mary’s Office

One of the last untouched rooms in the house was my wife’s office, which had been more or less in the same state since buying the house in 2013. It looked pretty sad compared to the other remodeled rooms on the top floor of the house and needed a redesign with some more color and light. Additionally, the guest bathroom connected to it needed a similar treatment to the master bathroom.

The first step was to repaint everything:

Once that was done, all of the existing furniture was removed and I brought in a new rug. Here was the initial design board that I worked on with my interior designer:

Things started to take shape with the rug and some of the new furniture in place, especially the large white bookcase.

From there, we replaced the desk and chair (with temporary stand-ins until the real furniture is completed towards the end of the year), brought back the books and added more decor and wall art.

Finally, I brought in a new recliner and lamp for the corner, and the aside from a new window treatment currently being custom made and the real desk, the project was done!

The before and after is a pretty shocking improvement in my opinion:

New Truck

Last weekend I finally upgraded my old Super Duty (a 2012 F250 Lariat) to a new F20 Lariat, this time with the 6.7 liter PowerStroke diesel engine instead of the gas engine that I’d previously had.

It’s pretty astonishing how much Ford has improved the interior quality on the new trucks, with Mercedes caliber wood and leather (and a Mercedes caliber price, to be fair).

Here’s to many years of hauling cargo for all of the projects written about on this blog, along with plenty of trailer towing mixed in!

New Toilets + Upcoming Shower Remodel

The long project to remodel the master bathroom is slowly but surely winding to a close. Now that the cabinets, countertop, and tub are done, I’m moving on to the floors and shower. I recently took delivery of all of the fixtures and tile for the project, and plan on starting demolition and construction shortly after Thanksgiving.

Before that, I’m taking the opportunity to replace four of the six toilets in the house with new ones, since the master toilet was already going to be replaced anyway. For the master bathroom and the bathroom off the kitchen (which are the two most frequently used in the house), I went with a very high end Kohler unibody model, which will be easier to keep sparkling clean. For the other two bathrooms (the guest bathroom and the bathroom in my office), I went with more traditional Kohler models since those are used less frequently.

As I work my way through installing all of them, Mr. Paul the cat has attempted to help despite having no plumbing experience…

Everything should be done by the end of this week and ready for the next phase of construction to start after Thanksgiving!