Powder Room Plumbing Cabinet

Powder Room Plumbing Cabinet

When the master bathroom remodel was wrapped up in December, there was one remaining task that I didn’t get around to completing until recently: replacing the cabinet in the powder room that covered the shower’s complex plumbing. With the previous steam shower, the steam apparatus was pretty short and was covered by an oak cabinet that could be lifted off for easy access. This cabinet was too short to cover the full thermostatic valve system for the new shower, but it could sit next to it and cover the copper piping, which was a fine interim solution. For a more permanent solution, I bought an inexpensive dresser from Walmart and modified it such that it perfectly covered the new thermostatic valve, while looking reasonably attractive and and giving my wife a useful counter surface in the powder room.

For an improvised and cheap solution, I was very happy with how it turned out!

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