Pool Grass

Pool Grass

When the pool was installed last year, it was too late in the year to do much with the lawn around the pool. I just threw some quick germinating grass seed directly overtop of the fill to at least get some erosion prevention in place, and called it a day. This spring, I got to work on growing a proper lawn. First, Concrete Keith brought in a ton of top soil:

Then, I planted grass seed, covered it in hay, and set up a series of sprinklers to alternate watering and keep the grass wet through a very dry spring.

The grass slowly started to come in:

Now, it’s really starting to look like a lawn!

I also feel like I really have the hang of pool maintenance now, and have been able to keep the water nice and clear throughout the spring.

We’ve been using it a lot, and I just ordered more outdoor furniture for around the pool. Here’s to a great summer in the water!

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