New Patio Furniture

New Patio Furniture

One of the nice things about buying the lake house is that it’s provided me with an excuse to replace certain things at the main house, and to send certain older things to the lake house to be refurbished and repurposes. This past weekend, I moved the old furniture that was on our deck to the lake house.


I am planning on repainting the table, which has faded pretty badly in the sun over the past seven years. The chairs are in excellent shape though, and will be great for the deck at the lake house. At the main house, my wife and I picked out a furniture set that has more of an indoor-outdoor furniture style, with nice cushions and wicker frames. We also went with some bolder colors, that provide some nice contrast with all the beige and grey in the exterior of our house.


There will be a lot more opportunities to keep sending things to the lake house; expect more pictures of this sort of refurbishing and replacing. Our storage unit is currently filled to the brim with things for the lake house. Thankfully, we close this Friday!



Jon Hardin


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