More Spring Planting

This weekend, aside from enjoying an Arsenal FA Cup semifinal win over Man City, I finished my spring planting by planting roughly a dozen bushes and shrubs in both the front and back yards around my house. I planted primarily arbor vida and junipers, since the evergreen bushes continue to look good in the winter. … Continue reading More Spring Planting

Toilet Repair

I took a break from landscaping work a couple of days ago to do some electrical work in one of my house’s bathrooms, which is theoretically a guest bathroom but is primarily used by the cats. When I was doing that, I noticed that the toilet’s water intake regulator was leaking, causing the toilet to … Continue reading Toilet Repair

Updated Front Porch

As part of my spring landscaping work first described in this post, I’ve added updated lighting, new furniture, and planters full of flowers to the front porch of my house, which has created a nice outdoor living room space on the front porch and made the walk up to the front door of the house … Continue reading Updated Front Porch

Spring Landscaping

As the weather has continued to warm, I have started making small landscaping and other exterior improvements, as well as power washing the garage and the front porch. First, I replaced the arbor vidae on the Range Trail side of the wall, since the previous ones had died over the winter: After that, I planted … Continue reading Spring Landscaping

Wall and Gate

The last previous project post that I’m planning on writing for awhile covers one of the first, and still most ambitious, projects that I took on at my current house (the basement remodel at my first house could be a series for another day). This project involved the construction of a 100 yard long wall … Continue reading Wall and Gate

Spring Cleaning

Before really launching into my spring and summer projects, I spent some time reorganizing my garage cabinets. I’ve accumulated a lot of tools, building materials, and other things over years of projects. The end result is much more organized┬áthan before: Continue reading Spring Cleaning