Guest House Water Heater

Guest House Water Heater

After installing the water softener earlier in the week, the next step was to install a water heater. While the guest house does have LP lines for the furnaces, it was going to be easier to install an electric water heater, especially since it will be used fairly infrequently. I am planning on having a professional electrician do the wiring, but I am doing the plumbing myself. I picked up a 40 gallon Rheem water heater from the Home Depot, which will fit well in the utility room space I’m building.

Before installing the heater, I had to run water lines from the water softener to the water heater, as well as a cold water line back towards the bathroom.

I also installed a drain pan, which can route any leaks towards the drain in the utility room floor:

Finally, I unpacked and setup the water heater, which I’ll hook up this weekend before the electrician comes and wires it.

Jon Hardin


By day, Jon is the CEO of a software company. Outside of work, Jon is an avid home improvement enthusiast who enjoys a wide variety of renovation, landscaping, and other projects.

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