Archives March 26, 2018

RIP Water Heater

After finishing the HVAC project at the lake house, I had assumed I’d be done with appliance and plumbing work for awhile. As is often the case with home ownership though, my main house in Verona had other plans. I received an alert from my SmartThings water leak sensor that there was water in the basement.

When I investigated, I found standing water and water coming out of the water heater.

It’s been a weekend of cold showers until the new water heater shows up tomorrow. Thankfully though, the heater was still under warranty, so it will be fairly inexpensive to replace.

Lake House Mailbox

The lake house didn’t have a mailbox, or any other way of receiving mail, so I installed one. The only challenge here was digging the hole, since the ground was still partially frozen here in Wisconsin. I used a gas-powered auger, plus warm water to melt the frozen ground.

Once the hole was dug, I installed the cedar post, with a metal anchor, and used 100 pounds of post concrete.

I mounted a bronze colored metal mailbox to the post, and made sure it stayed level as the concrete set.

Lake House Door Installed

One significant upgrade that I wanted to make to the lake house this spring was to replace the old door, which was a plain white door. I chose a door that fit the mid century modern design of the house, and had glass that matched the tile pattern of the lake house’s entryway.

The door also fits with the existing wrought iron storm door:

Installing the door was fairly simple, since it fit in the existing frame with only minor adjustments to the top hinge. I had to drill a hole for the deadbolt, since the previous door did not have one. From there, I hauled the old door away and the project was done.