Archives March 11, 2018

New Lake House Door

One smaller project that I am planning on for this spring at the lake house is replacing the front door, which is currently a fairly boring white slab behind the wrought iron storm door.

The door I picked out is a pseudo mid century modern style door, that fits the vibe of the lake house very well:

I need to take final measurements this week to confirm fit, and then I’ll do the installation.

Tile and Concrete Stain

This week, I had the guest house bathroom measured for tile, and the tile is on order. I decided to stain the raw concrete lip that comes up at the base of the back wall instead of tiling it. Tiling would have added a lot of time and expense, and the stained raw concrete actually provides a pretty cool effect. It was a simple process that just required some minimal taping of existing trim.

After the paint dried and the tape was removed, the result looked great:

In addition to the concrete paint, I added drawer hardware and a faucet to the vanity and sink, and cut out space in the back of the vanity that allowed it to be moved into position.