Bentley Infotainment Upgrades

Bentley Infotainment Upgrades

After a couple months of ownership, I’ve absolutely loved my Bentley Flying Spur. It is a joy to drive and unbelievably luxurious. However, one thing that Bentleys are notorious for is having very dated and clunky infotainment systems, which is disappointing because they have excellent sound systems from a speaker point of view. Thankfully, there are great aftermarket options.

I’m planning on having it completely overhauled, with a full kit that maintains all of the HVAC and other car functionality while providing a state of the art head unit.

Because the required parts are ordered from and manufactured in England, it is going to take awhile. In the meantime, I solved the lack of Bluetooth audio streaming with a simple $30 Bluetooth to FM radio transmitter that tucks out of sight in the glovebox and automatically pairs with my phone and easily streams high quality audio.

It’s obviously not a long term solution, but in the meantime it works great until the complete overhaul is done.

Jon Hardin


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