Over Labor Day Weekend, my wife and I took advantage of some less than ideal weather to drive to the IKEA in Oak Creek, just south of Milwaukee.

We took a trailer, and filled it with 12 Pax Wardrobe Frames and various shelves and accessories.

I managed to get the whole wardrobe package for the closet for around $1700, which is the beauty of IKEA.

After hauling everything back to Verona, I had to carry all 2,000 pounds of furniture up the stairs and to the closet.

Now I have to assemble everything. I’ve built one, and will build the rest over the next two weeks.

Jon Hardin

Website: http://hardinhome.wordpress.com

By day, Jon is the CEO of a software company. Outside of work, Jon is an avid home improvement enthusiast who enjoys a wide variety of renovation, landscaping, and other projects.

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