Crown Molding Planning

Crown Molding Planning

Another project I am planning on doing this winter (or really having done for me by contractors) is a bunch of crown molding work on the main level of my house in Verona. I’ve done crown molding before, and it turned out pretty well but it’s definitely a challenge to do well in natural oak for someone who is not a professional finish carpenter. Also, in general the vast majority of the expense of professionally installed crown molding is the materials; experienced carpenters can rip through the installation process pretty quickly. To start, I’m looking to have molding work done in the three living rooms on the main level of the house, as well as the entryway and foyer. This presents a challenge because all three living rooms have vaulted cathedral ceilings.

With that in mind, I am thinking of a flying crown approach for the cathedral ceilings, and a traditional crown approach for the foyer. The traditional crown in the foyer could easily be joined to the flying crown in the first living room, since it would be a the same height and angle. Here are some examples of other houses that have used this technique:



I’ll post more as I start to get renderings from the carpenters and move on to selecting the actual molding that will be used.

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