Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Spring Vehicle Maintenance

As the snow melts and the weather slowly warms up, it’s been fun to get all of the cars and other vehicles out from winter storage. As is always the case though, almost all of them need some sort of service after sitting in the garage on trickle chargers all winter. The Bentley needs belt service, the Range Rover needed it’s annual service, and the Porsche needed a variety of minor ailments fixed. Given the complexity and cost of those vehicles, I’ve obviously left that to the professionals. Nonetheless, it’s been awesome to get them back on the road!






In addition to all the cars, I’ve had to get the smaller vehicles running as well. The John Deere zero turn mower only needed and oil change and an air filter change, and it’s back in action. The Polaris Ranger needed a battery and a starter solenoid replaced on top of an oil change, but it’s back up and running too.



Finally, I had an old trailer that was sitting on one of the back corners of my land, that I wasn’t planning on using anymore. I bought it for $300 when I originally bought the house to aid in moving, and it had since not been very heavily used. It was a muddy mess to tow it out of the valley with the truck, but kind of fun too. The truck looked like something straight out of a Ford commercial afterwards:



As the weather continues to warm up, I’m looking forward to driving all of these fun vehicles more and more.

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