Flooring Demolition

Flooring Demolition

Over the past two days, the flooring installers have been hard at work ripping out all of the old carpeting and hardwood from the main level of the house before they can start installing the new flooring. First, they setup a workshop in the garage where all of the new flooring had been.

After that, they got to work ripping out the carpet and hauling it away, which took the full duration of the first day.








As part of that process, they removed all the baseboards and saved them for later, since they’ll be going back on (albeit with new quarter rounds that match the new hardwood).


We also had to purchase a ton of plywood that will be used to level the floors so that all of the new wood is on the same level, since before the old hardwood and the carpet were a quarter of an inch apart.


Today, they removed all of the old hardwood, so tomorrow they can start installing new wood! It should be a radical difference by the time everything is done.

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