Dining Room Chandelier and Chairs

Dining Room Chandelier and Chairs

Along with the window treatments, the two remaining tasks for the dining room were getting new chairs and replacing the chandelier. We picked out lighter colored fabric chairs that brightened up the room, and connect to other pieces of furniture in the house. The blue end chairs tie back to the couch in the sitting room, and the lighter colored chairs tie back to both the sun room chairs and the sitting room wingback chairs. The nail heads in the chairs match all of the furniture in the sitting room, and the legs of the chairs match the wood of the existing dining room table and the other darker wood furniture in the dining room.




The new chandelier was also a departure from the old one, and matched the style of the other chandeliers that I’d already installed in the entryway and in the dinette area. It further connects the dining room to those other parts of the house and matches the overall style of the remodel.




Once the curtains were installed, the dining room was done!


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