Quartz Countertop Prep and Kitchen Reorganization

Quartz Countertop Prep and Kitchen Reorganization

The last part of the main level remodel is the kitchen, and that is about to begin in earnest this coming week, with the goal of being almost done before Christmas. I’m replacing the old formica countertops with quartz, replacing the sink and garbage disposal, and replacing the tile backsplash and adding backsplash around the entire main counter area. I picked out quartz that is mostly white, but with a slight pattern to it, and am doing with pencil edges that are very slightly rounded so the counters aren’t sharp but are mostly squared off.


The sink will be mounted under the counters, and I’m replacing the garbage disposal since I already had to go to the trouble of disconnecting and reconnecting everything.



For the tile, I’m going with subway tiles that have a slight ripple texture, and a grey grout to add definition. I’m having a tile guy do the work on that, since it’s a relatively small area and I want it to be perfect. I was very impressed with his design sense, and his slogan made me laugh…


Prior to all of the work starting, I took time to reorganize the kitchen and purge unused items. I was able to free up a ton of cabinet space, and there are no more junk drawers. While I did this, I also removed the appliance garage that had been taking up a lot of space in the elbow of the main counter. Doing this freed up a ton of space, and made me realize I should have done it a long time ago.



I’m excited to see the new counters and tile in place at the end of next week, it’s going to look incredible!

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