Electrical Excavation

Electrical Excavation

After the electrical failure that the well experienced several weeks ago, a new underground line had to be installed to power the well. I took the opportunity to also have a new underground line from the guest house to the shed and to the gate dug, so that intermittent GFI tripping due to a ground fault between the guest house and the gait would stop happening.



Krantz Electric brought some heavy duty digging equipment for the project, and after a couple of days finished digging a trench and laying the new power lines.

After the digging and wiring was complete, we re-leveled the ground and I got to work planting new grass. It’s going to take a month or so, but by mid-summer I should be able to get the lawn back in gear.

In the meantime, the well has had no issues since the new line was installed, and the gate is working flawlessly!


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