New Trees

One of the last big landscaping tasks this year at the Verona house was planting new trees. I called in the pros from Boley’s Tree and Landscaping services, since the new trees being planted were much bigger than what I’m capable of doing myself. They came in and took down two of the dying pine … Continue reading New Trees

Master Bedroom Redesign

The most recent in a long line of room redesign and remodels at the Verona house was, at long last, the master bedroom. Here is how the room looked before: Following a similar pattern to the other rooms in the house, the first step was painting the walls and installing new flooring and rugs. After … Continue reading Master Bedroom Redesign

Flooring Repair

After the new flooring was installed in the main level of the Verona house, I learned some lessons about how far you should allow uninterrupted runs of click flooring to go without transitions, as well as the importance of meticulous subfloor prep before the flooring goes in. A couple of small mistakes led to some … Continue reading Flooring Repair

New Bentley

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded from my old Flying Spur to the new Flying Spur. It’s an incredible car, and has so many small improvements over the old car in terms of interior polish, driving dynamics, and technology. The garage is looking mighty nice these days! Continue reading New Bentley