Master Bathroom Demolition

Master Bathroom Demolition

This week, the final phase of the master bathroom remodel (new floors and the new shower) has kicked off. It’s going to be a several week process, but the first step has been ripping out the existing tile and ripping apart the old shower. Here was the state of the room before starting demolition:

And here was the state after the first day, including the discovery of some sweet 90’s-tastic vinyl underneath the tile:

There was a ton of junk to haul:

Day two of construction involved less demolition aside from ripping out the remaining tile, but the plumbing and electrical work was able to get started. The old steam unit was removed, along with the old toilet, and almost all of the plumbing for the new control unit is in place. It’s located in place of the old steam unit, so it will be accessible from the powder room on the other side of the wall in case it needs to be serviced.

As the project continues, more updates will follow!

Jon Hardin


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