Updated Front Porch

Updated Front Porch

As part of my spring landscaping work first described in this post, I’ve added updated lighting, new furniture, and planters full of flowers to the front porch of my house, which has created a nice outdoor living room space on the front porch and made the walk up to the front door of the house more welcoming. First, I power-washed the concrete and the walls of the porch, and removed the old furniture. I added ceramic planters, which would add color when filled with flowers.


I removed the old non-functional lights along the walkway to the front of the house, and replaced them with solar LED lights, which don’t require underground power and automatically turn on when it gets dark.


After a trip in search of flowers at the Home Depot led to disappointment due to a pretty limited early spring selection, my wife and I went to the Bruce Company and found an awesome selection of annuals to plan in the planters.


I planted them in the planters, and they made a huge difference in brightening up the front porch:


Last, I purchased two comfortable Hampton Bay Spring Haven chairs and a glass bistro table from the Home Depot. I opted for an outdoor living room style furniture set with fabric cushions, which should hold up fairly well on the porch since it is covered.


After the furniture was assembled and in place, my wife and I enjoyed a glass of wine on the porch on a beautiful Easter Sunday. The porch is shaded, which makes it a nice place to read or work on a laptop outside since it is shielded from the sun and the wind.

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