Bathroom Remodel

Continuing the past projects series is a project from the winter of 2015. Our house has five bathrooms: three on the top floor, one on the middle floor, and one in the basement. The master bathroom is very nice, the basement and the guest bedroom bathrooms are fine, and the bathroom in my office is … Continue reading Bathroom Remodel


This is yet another post in my past projects series. I’ve been writing a lot of these lately since I’ve been traveling (the last post was written on a flight from Detroit to London, and this post is being written on a flight from London to Atlanta), but posts about new work will be coming … Continue reading Landscaping

Garage Remodel

This is part of an ongoing series on past home improvement projects that I have worked on prior to the existence of this blog. Last summer, I worked on finishing both my main garage, as well as the guest house garage. The main garage, which can fit four cars and also contains a large storage/workshop … Continue reading Garage Remodel

Wine Cellar

I’m starting a series of posts chronicling past projects that I have worked on in the house. The first one is an 800+ bottle, climate controlled wine cellar that I built in the winter of 2014/2015. I built all of the racks by hand, along with the other renovation work required to convert a former … Continue reading Wine Cellar