Fall Has Come + Beach Clean Up

Fall Has Come + Beach Clean Up

Now that it’s mid-September, the leaves are starting to turn up at the lake house. This was likely one of the last really warm weekends of the year (and it was an away game weekend for the Badgers), so we made sure to spend it at the lake house and went in the lake.



The walk down to the lake from the house is particularly beautiful, with the yellow leaves and the red railing:


One of the last projects before winter (we’re waiting until next spring to have the boat house built and to do other exterior improvements) was to clean up one of the beaches near the dock. We have several small beaches along the bluffs that form our waterfront, but one is very easy to get to. It is certainly not going to win any beauty contests with beaches in Florida, but it’s nice enough to be able to put some chairs out and put your feet in the sand. The big issue was that it was filled with rocks:


I’ve worked over the last couple of weeks to remove the rocks and toss them further out into the lake. The end result (aside from all the fall leaves currently covering it) is a pretty usable beach, which will be great in the spring when it gets warm again.



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