Lake House Plumbing Problems

Lake House Plumbing Problems

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went up to the lake house for the weekend. The first thing I usually do when we arrive is turn on the well pump and the water heater, since we keep the running water off when we are not there to limit flooding risks. When I turned the water on, everything seemed fine but I quickly realized that there was a large pool of water forming outside, with water leaking through the retaining wall below the well. This was the exact same problem that happened with the well when we first bought the house, so it was pretty annoying that it occurred again so quickly after the original repairs. I had the plumbers who did the original work come back and re-excavate the buried pipes. This time, they replaced the entire pipes between the well and the house, replace all the wiring for the well to bring it up to modern code, and remove an old faucet that was the source of a lot of leak issues before. This resulted in a pretty torn up hill around the well:



Hopefully this is a more permanent solution and we have a year free of plumbing problems this winter and next summer!

Jon Hardin


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